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UBC x AKIRAKOKI Portable Electric Coffee Grinder

UBC x AKIRAKOKI Portable Electric Coffee Grinder

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With this Coffee Grinder, you can enjoy freshly ground coffee at home, while camping, or traveling. This convenient and compact grinder is perfect for your mini coffee corner or backpack. Say goodbye to the hassle of grinding beans and indulge in a variety of flavors anytime, anywhere.


Save you from arm fatigue cause it is electrical 
Stainless steel cone burrs for precise and uniformed grinding
Easy adjustment on grinding scale, from espresso to pour over
Bring it around, up to 20-25 times at full-charged with USB Type C 
Grey Blue Metallic with Uncle Ben & Dor Dor 

Items Included

The Grinder
Traveling Bag
Type-C Charge Cable


7.4V lithium-ion battery
total capacity 800mAh
speed 60rpm
around 450g in weight
made in PC & aluminum alloy
functional patents 


The Coffee Grinder is produced by a renowned Taiwanese brand that has been manufacturing coffee equipment since its establishment in 1977. With a core belief that "Even though the appearance can be imitated, the quality can never be replicated," the brand has maintained exceptional manufacturing standards for decades.

Please read instructions manual before use
Do NOT wash the grinder

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